Rosaleen Williams

My practice revolves around the idea of time and its effects on human life and non-human things. Much of my work investigates how time affects objects, how time is a part of objects and how time can be symbolised by different objects and motifs.

One such fascination of mine is how time is like a river, in the way it bends, moves forwards, erodes through the world and has an unstoppable flow. Through this idea, I have also come to look at how time and the home interject, bringing my own personal memories and symbolisms into imagery that combines all these things.

The majority of my practice uses print, but I also involve the physicality of things through sculpture and installation. Mediums like collage allow these things to be put in dialogue by creating spatial drawings of unphysical places.


Instagram: @rosaleen.williams


Rosaleen Williams, Return Flow I, II & III, 2022, 2 x 29.7 collages