Rose de Villeneuve

My practice employs printmaking and the endless possibilities it offers as a device to challenge and explore meaning and our conception of the sensical. The predominant process I employ, silkscreen monoprinting, allows for me to teeter on the edge of abstraction through the repeated treatment of one image, composed of multiple layers. By combining images from my own photography and drawings with playful and distorted text, I create nonsensical content, toying with the possible ways I can widen the paradoxical gap in meaning in a visual and textual image. The paradox continues as I put across the nonsensical with a sense of urgency by employing bold colours and graphic tactics inspired by the group Grapus, who created the most evocative of the ‘mai ‘68’ propaganda posters.
These ideas of dismantling language and the visual draw from concepts derived from Dadaism and Absurdism in art and literature. Through my work, I wish on a general scale to question the absurdity of the world and its systems; as well as to challenge the implicit hierarchies within the artworld. This has led, through the display of my work, to an active breach of the gallery space as I infiltrate public spaces to further challenge the importance attributed to meaning in the art institution.

Instagram: @rosehvart



La terre est bleue comme une orange, 2021, 71cm x  94cm, silkscreen print on newsprint with silkscreen print on paper