George Storm Fletcher

George Storm Fletcher is a printmaker, performance artist, and menace. They originally hail from Ely, in the Fens of South-East England, but are now based in Leeds.

Fletcher is at their best when being outrageously queer, playful, and heartfelt. In recent years this has cumulated into a series of text-based public interventions, with their trademark, consistent, DIY aesthetic.

Sometimes responds to a subject that is wearing, and ‘difficult’: the sudden death of Fletcher’s Dad in September 2020. It is honest, personal, and site specific. However, death is universal, and the work does not shy from this truth. Sometimes starts with the infamous Magnolia emulsion paint, the colour of their Dad’s trade. The text draws from the oral and geographic history of Fletcher’s family.

Fletcher’s work provides an opportunity to talk about death without suggesting what is an acceptable way to grieve.

Instagram: @georgeartgreg

Vimeo: @georgeartgreg



Force Your Parents To Make Funeral Plans, Ely, Cambridgeshire, April 2020, Digital photograph of emulsion on canvas.

How Many Beans Make Five? / Wievele Bohnen Funf Ergeben? Blauverscheibung Festival, Galerie Kub, Leipzig, August 2021, digital photograph still from durational performance; with baked beans and decorators whites.

I Love You Sometimes/Manchmal, Ich Liebe Dich, Leeds, October 2021, Digital photograph of emulsion on canvas.