Mesita Jee

Mesita Jee is a sculptor, artist, maker of quiet things. Her coexistence between Malaysia and the UK has shaped an interest in the mobility, malleability, and meanings of the human body. Specifically, Jee currently focuses on seeing the body in fragments – viewing each body part as distinct sites or subject matter for material encounters that can be translated into visual expression. Isolated body parts are casted or sculpted with raw and ready-made materials such as clay, resin, glue, saltwater and metals.

Minimalist sculptures, hand-assembled objects and installations are the main modes of presentation as they best embody the tactile and isolated experiences of our physical selves. In the way human bodies interact with and take up space, Jee’s sculpture-installations expand and contract depending on their spatial environments.

Instagram: @jeemzies



Untitled (Molar II), 2022, Clay, 38 x 2 x 2 cm