Demi Xiong

Demi Xiong likes to use the human face and body as a drawing board, using the body’s own ‘safe’ temperature and the delicate texture of the skin to combine with the work, with themes based around distorted features and blurred lines to express inner emotions and stories.

While researching the Chinese Peking Opera culture, she was drawn to the combined art forms in Peking Opera and began to experiment with different mediums such as music and visuals in her work to begin a new artistic experience. Her creative work includes face-painting, photography, short-films and installation.

This current series is about awareness of the emotions within the self, discovering the ‘latent self’ in the realm, proactively ‘self-revealing’ to society, increasing the level of self-expression and narrowing the hidden zone. Through her work she express the sense of pull and the connection between personal emotions and society, using different colours and lines to convey emotions. She chooses to be more daring in her use of colour, looking for the ‘mood’ of colour and the visual impact it brings in the clash of colours.

From photography to video installations combined with music, she wants to show the multi-layered relationship between “human”, “space” and “time” in terms of tension, relaxation, illusion and reality. A reflection of the subtle relationship between self and world. At the same time, performance and spontaneous body movement to music are fused in this series of moving experimental images, where distorted features and dancing bodies are unified into a direct emotional experience.



Instagram: @demi47_


Farewell my concubine, 2021, digital photographs