Florence Austin

In an unreliable space, objects begin to unravel. Such a space is where my work takes its form. It arrives in the guise of projected animations, each of which houses entities that undergo transformations.

A key interest in producing this work is a consideration of domestic spaces and the hidden things that reside within them. These spaces become vessels to consider the arduous repetition of recalling and reconceptualizing memories. My work also toys with the trope of the haunted house. I consider how a site rooted in familiarity and safety can readily become twisted. The defamiliarization of such spaces lies at the heart of my animations. 

This work ultimately deals with the fallibility of perception. In these animations, objects have a shifting elemental nature. They can drip and then rise, possessing a physicality that evades the surroundings they inhabit. These objects possess their own autonomy, which loosens them from the grip of a perceived recollection.  

Instagram: @florenceaart

Email: florence.austin.fs@gmail.com


The heavy churn: a moment coming by again, 2022, 67 x 225cm, Projection.

Slipping Jug/ Sentient Jug, 2021, 89 x 128cm, Projection.