April Yang

My work investigates the sense of violence between human and non-human with cartoon understanding of the world. Placing the cuteness of the cartoon and the nausea of death in unconventional relationships to one another, I aim to create a fissure in their natures, reflecting on violence as a natural instinct but also a sadistic pleasure, with which we co-exist in a hybrid ecology.

My work on the floor is about a playful occupation of space and talking to the viewer through an experience characterised by irony. I hope to provide a horizontal perspective, regarding the flatness as a sculptural form and breaking the conventions of painting as wall art.

Through lo-fi materials like paper, papier mache and cardboard, I employ the vulgar and childlike character of cartoons as a core vocabulary, allowing the fallibility and the fragility inherent to the materials to inform the work. I tried to express a sense of absurdity in conversation with the viewer, regarding “flattening” as media’s rapid simplifying of death, but also a natural process of decay. I am interested in the constitution and continuity of the existence of cartoon.

Email: mega0922@gmail.com

Instagram: @apri1art


Ouch, 2021, 70x54cm, Acrylic on cardboard.

Angel, 2021, Display dimensions variable, Acrylic on cardboard.

Cat and Birds, 2021, 46x71cm, Acrylic on paper and papier mache.

Pigeon(s), 2021, B5, Acrylic on paper.