Sitting With It: an introduction

Welcome to the University of Leeds Fine Art Degree Show 2022.

Our BA Fine Art, Fine Art with Contemporary Critical Theory, and Fine Art with History of Art finalists invite you into their School and studios to engage with them, their artwork and their thoughts. 

Sitting With It encourages contemplation; a seizing of your time to consider how attitudes and concerns have changed in recent years and to observe what is truly of consequence in this precarious and ever-changing world.

Sitting With It showcases the work of 62 emerging artists, not only their respective outputs, but a collective exhibition meticulously selected, designed and curated as a group response to both the requirements of the academy and self-imposed demands of professionalism and rigour.  As artists, the ethicalness of making art during times of turmoil is often questioned, but if not them, who else will make us sit up and take stock of our actions? Who else will provide us with an alternative to the daily grind? Who else will provide the seeds for future creative thinking, making and learning?

It would be a remarkable achievement under normal circumstances to bring together a large group of individuals from such a variety of backgrounds and life experiences to produce a show that has both criticality and focus, but more so when we consider the hurdles encountered by this particular cohort and how they have risen to the challenge to produce an exhibition that exudes confidence and highlights future directions.

As you progress through the exhibition, consider the journey that each of the artists has travelled, question their aims and motives, and then enjoy sitting with it.

Chris Taylor
Fine Art Programmes Leade
r, University of Leeds