Ruby Dice

My practice is focusing on portraiture, looking specifically into the way in which I can portray an identity in its complexity. I am interested in the way human beings express themselves to the world and relate to one another. I have therefore done a series of paintings concentrating on the subtleties in facial expressions and emotions.

I enjoy using oil paint to express colour, texture and life, using a palette knife to let the paint organically form my abstract faces. My artworks are responses to the wide array of emotions that are around me. Be it the way someone interacts with me or connects with other people. I am drawn to the masks people wear in public, masks that are put up to hide the intricacy of our emotions and the struggles we face as human beings. A lot of the time the faces I paint are not focusing on one person, but rather focusing on the responses I have to the world around me, portraying many people in one.

The colour palettes are organically formed through a process of layering, I do not categorize certain colours with certain emotions. I look for the simplicity and tenderness of human interaction and then paint in response, how I feel. The works I create are an invitation for the viewer to find their own story within, my work hopes to connect us all to the subtle experiences which we all have that really make us human.

Instagram: @rubydice_artwork



State of Mind, 2022, oil paint on canvas, 29.7 x 21cm