Lorraine Huang

Lorraine Huang is an installation artist working across multiple mediums. Her works range from intricate hand-assembled objects to programmed interactive soundscapes. She believes in the healing nature of art and the creative process. She re-interprets materials and hopes the innovative results physically, psychologically, and spiritually engage the audience. 

Based on her cross-cultural study background, she is particularly interested in the cultural difference, diversity, and the caused cultural shock. Currently, the matter of her work is: when we move forward in a Community, how should we treat our differences at whatever levels? Most specifically, under Globalization, confronted with the global pandemic, economic crisis, and climate emergency, our fate has never been closer than it is now. 

Inspired by collecting different superstitions, tales, and folk cultures, Lorraine is currently working on visualizing the virtual ‘gap’ between different cultures in an engaging visual way. She focuses on zooming in and amplifying the easily overlooked phenomenon and attempts to display how differences influence and hinder the ways of; seeing, thinking, and perception. By realizing the mistranslation and mis-transaction between different languages and cultures, she is delighted to discover that her practice might enable the building of compassion and empathy. 

Email: greenlightfishes@gmail.com

Instagram: @greenlightfish


Spread, 2021. Hair web, 30 x 27 x 25 cm.

Cure, 2019, Hair, petals, leaf, bough, shell, feather, approx. 21 x 29.7 cm.