Emily Oades

Pursuing the idea around desire and eroticism, my work and interests fixate upon the emergence of intimate and private moments. Questioning painterly properties and inspired by Cecily Brown, figural bodies share sensual interactions which are communicated through the medium of oil paint. Explicit scenes stretch across the surface, exploring the eroticism of the instances and pushing the medium of oil paint further each time to create a visually dynamic moment, blurring a line between the figurative and abstraction.

The ambiguous fluidity of the brushstrokes enveloped in layers suggests subtle bodily features and objects. Coupled with the sensual interactions both exhibited and denied from the viewer, my work merges into an unusual middle ground. With the frequent gestural marks sprawling across the fabric’s surface, these movements attempt to mirror the activities and create an atmospheric embodiment, unifying the figures as one and becoming absorbed into one another whilst they share a tender and pleasurable experience. 

Email: emmoades@gmail.com

Instagram: @emilyo.fineart


In the Tall Grass, 2021, 71 x 59.5cm, Oil on calico.

Liquified Indulgence, 2022, 63 x 77cm, Oil on canvas.

Untitled, 2022, 59 x 80cm, Oil on canvas.