Emily Hodgkins

In my practice I explore materials through experimental processes to make mixed media sculptures and installations, with the aim to capture unusual forms. I make abstract sketches and observations of these images which I then largely base the sculptures around. My most recent works are inspired by photographs of obscure forms and structures found in nature. I consider my sculptures as alien forms, an insight into my imagination. The process behind creating the artwork is cathartic. I work very intuitively responding to the materials, often letting them determine the outcome of the piece. My aim is to capture the fluid states of the materials in a solid form to reflect the idea of movement as well as cause sensory reactions from the viewer. Textured surfaces invite the viewer to touch and experience the materials used in the works just as I did when making them.

Website: elhodgkins@outlook.com

Instagram: @emsmakesart


22.02.22, 2022. Plastic, acrylic paint sand and adhesive. Approx 58 x 58 x 58cm