Alice Casnello

My work is a celebration of humanity through the senses, in a world headed for digitised everything. By removing polemical and complex concepts, I create a deeper understanding of the processes of painting and the experiences materiality can provide for both myself and the viewer. 

Engaging with the basic anatomy of painting, I target the architectural structure, pulling back the canvas to expose the frame and its historical reference to a door or window. By removing and interfering with the limitations that define the form of painting, I extend an awareness towards the historical expansions of the medium whilst still considering what remains specific to painting. 

I treat silicone as solid forms of pigment, replacing the traditional medium of paint, creating curiosity through texture.

Instagram: @casnelloart



What Remains, 2022. Silicone and Timber. 45 cm x 60 cm. 

A Thought of Sun, 2021. Silicone, acrylic, canvas, 50 cm x 50 cm.

The Bay, 2022. Silicone and Timber, 60 cm x 75 cm.